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Within "10minutes" drive away from resort hotels !

Our shooting range is located within 10minutes drive away from "Plantation Mactanbay Resort" and "Pacific Cebu Resort/PCR".
We offer a "FREE" transportation service inside Mactan Island !!

We will assist you from reservation to firing in Japanese !!

"Secured" & "Comfortable"

You can't be influenced by the weather and can enjoy shooting safely anytime.
Our "PERFECT" indoor shooting range was designed by shooting exclusive use which absorb the sound and reflections of bullets.
And all our guns are imported from U.S.A. & European countries.
Also the shooting range were desinged for professional athlete.

Our skilled "Japanese" staff is stationed, and it's the feature of "T-ZERO".

"No need to worry" If you are a perfect beginner ! Our "SKILLED" japanese staff and instructor will support you from how to hold a gun to how to aim a target. And you can bring back the target by free.

※It is not allowed to shoot at less than 18 years old and a person under the influence of liquor by the Philippine law.

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